#69 - I've Been There: Dr. J's Feminine Burnout Journey


Dr. J is getting up close and personal this week, exploring her journey into Feminie Burnout and back to a life where her health, pleasure, and happiness are a priority.

In this episode, Dr. J narrows down the areas of life that will be affected if you're experiencing Feminine Burnout and helps listeners determine which categories they relate to. She then provides insight into the Feminine Burnout cycle, giving examples from her own Feminine Burnout journey.

Since Feminine Burnout is something that happens to over-working and over-achieving "Superwomen", Dr. J reviews the characteristics of what it means to be a Superwoman and helps listeners determine if they can relate, what's caused them to get to this point, and the next steps they need to take to live a healthy, happy, pleasure-filled life.

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Click here to learn more about the Feminine Burnout Recovery program with Dr. J, where she focuses on working with high-functioning women who want fast answers, actionable steps and solutions that work. Feminine Burnout recovery addresses your health and wellness as well as the mental reframes you need to ensure that you are implementing and taking your progress seriously.

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